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we forget ourselves
in the dream
and remember who
we have become
layers of our shells
a lei of silent green
the forested blue
the number none
we seek the soul
a central sun
revision is destination
as we arrive
and depart together
alone again


i have a new idea

I have a new idea
It came to me in the middle
Of a forest lake
More like a marsh
But I didn't speak marsh then
Nor did I speak diesel or petroleum
Or world economy 
Nor knew I about my own security
Only my own insecurity
But that was expected
There was no credit extended to me
I had no ideas of how to pay my way
Other than the way I paid
Without question
Only doubt
Which grew inside me
Faster than the understanding 
of Misrepresentation
And Manipulation
But not as fast
As thoughts of forest 
Which I called 
Alongside music 
Which I called
Alongside books 
Which I called
My new idea