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Sunrise at Kilauea Volcano

Photo by David Elias

July 19, 2017


Hau’oli Makahiki Hou



For the new year, from East Hawaii, a 20-minute journey into relaxing natural spaces with meditative acoustics…this planet is truly a beautiful place to visit… Aloha!

All photos, video production and music by David Elias –
“Half an Hour Away” – from “The Window” SACD / DSD Download / CD
“Seventheme” – unreleased
“Transcendental Deprivation, Part III” – “Acoustic Trio: DSD Sessions” DSD/FLAC Download
“Help Yourself” – unreleased
“High Desert Roll” – “Half an Hour Away” CD / Download

David Elias, Matt Flinner, Sally Van Meter, Ross Martin, Eric Thorin, Charlie Natzke, Chris Kee


light let low through gray and dusk
fallen angels
flat out on
their featherless backs
smiling up
at all the stars
with wings of
skin and bones
and flannel shirts
and hair
stuffed up in
their woolen hats
try to keep
their knitted mittens
and store bought socks
from letting in
the crystal cold
while they flap
and flap
their silhouettes
all the way
to a snowy

suncloud - hawaii

suncloud – hawaii