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Feeling Free in a Treehouse


There’s some freedom and independence about a treehouse that each of us carries around with us from an early age until well…I think forever.

It is one icon of disruption that at the same time carries tranquility cloaked in adventure. We want to build one, we want to escape to one, we want to meet special friends in one and we want to sit in one playing the solitaire of our choice which includes reading, sleeping and of course playing some instrument and/or singing to ourselves.

You can enjoy the freedom of a treehouse at either of Skye’s handmade living works of art…

Visit http://www,volcanotreehouse,net — tell Skye I said Aloha!


drawing by skye
drawing by skye
drawing by skye
drawing by skye


woodcuts by skye
woodcuts by skye

By David Elias

Focused on nature, photos, poetry, video, the nature of art, the art of nature, the art of listening...more at

Videos at Elias video

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